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Eat the cherry

product code: 22305037

biological immigrant
2011 | Issue July Νο.

product code: 22305032Α

Blood enemies

product code: 22305020Α

Crazy combinations

product code: 22105007Α

Games for two

product code: 22105006Α

Good Wolf

product code: 22305012Α


product code: 22105003Α


product code: 22105008Α

Odd lovers

product code: 22105015Α


Looking for personel

Stergidis SA is looking for personel and assosiates in the sales sector graphic designer kai office support If you feel keen for a dynamic joband are a team member, contact us!


Send your orders!

Are you or do you wish to be our client?Send your order to us through the Wish List! What you have to do, is to navigate through our website and add any product that interests you to the wish list.You can gather, remove or add each product in the...



Moving services tailored especially for students

Moving services from Greece to Cyprus, UK, France, Belgium and Germany It has never been easier to move your goods from country to country Just contact as and we will make everything work for your needs fast and efficiently.



Summer sales -out

Click here for summer seasonal products! This summer season! 20% discount to all products! (Get an additional 5% discount and free transport if you pay in cash)        

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Card games for New Years Eve

New Years Eve has passed but the felts are still warm. We offer a 10% off discount on gambling and card games!

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Now Cyprus is closer το Greece than ever before with Stergides SA Cargo Courier

With 30 years of experience in the field of transportation and our specialization in transport for Cyprus, you can be assured of a rapid, economical and hassle-free transport of your goods with just a single phone call or simply by filling the car...

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